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Mobile lighting System - WayLED

„WayLED” cross-country track lighting is a mobile lighting system for outdoors.


The principle of lighting as a modular system is really simple but perfectly constructed and thought thru. The illumination poles are fixed with screw foundation into the soil. Starting from a central switch box, all poles must be connected with cables and the whole system is available. No expensive qualified technical personnel is needed for installation, just a healthy portion of common sense and a little manual know-how. That´s the way to save time and Money.

Because of this principle it´s self-evident that the lighting poles can be installed flexible in choice of placement, just in case the trail guidance changes during season or at the subsequent years. As well as the requirements of agriculture have been taken into account. Woods, meadows and grazing lands will not be affected, because poles and cables can be easily removed by the end of the season. Just the screw foundation will remain at the soil, which is not disturbing when mowing the grass.

Originally designed for illumination of cross-country skiing trails, WayLED offers a lot more suitable application areas. Simple and obvious we like to mention the illumination of pavement and bicycle lanes, but as well as toboggan runs and curling tracks can be floodlighted in an appropriate way. Lakeside promenades, accesses to summer or community festivals or various other outdoor events can be illuminated in an easy and safe way with this LED System.

As a side effect, but definitely intended, the energy-efficient LED technology protects the environment and safes money of the trail providers. Electricity costs are reduced to a minimum. The LED lights integrated into the poles only need 8 Watt. Nevertheless the light beam effect with about 15 m in both ways is optimally illuminated, so the system fulfils all standards and requirements of the guidelines for sports facilities EN-12193.


Flyer - download as PDF!

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WayLED system at a glance!

Let there be light - with our WayLED!

Our mobile cross-country track lighting system has been designed and developed for the poles to be installed 30m apart. We have since discovered that our WayLED lighting is also very versatile.

WayLED lighting is attractive as it is mobile and can be individually installed. Currently there is nothing comparable on the market.



The versatile MOBILE lighting system WayLED - for summer as well as winter.


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